Open API Challenge Winners

With a goal of making the latest research in Earth and space science more discoverable, AGU conducted a contest in the summer of 2017 that awarded cash prizes to Earth and space scientists and software developers who found the most interesting new ways to visualize scientific papers, presentations, and data presented at AGU’s annual Fall Meeting. Read more about the Challenge on

1st Place: AGU Explorer

AGU Explorer is a visualization tool to help scientists explore collaboration networks, learn about recent research, and discover opportunities for interdisciplinary work.

Developers: Meenakshi Rao and Bennett Battaile

2nd Place: AGU Analytics

AGU Analytics provides multiple ways to explore AGU content. We use various types of search and interactive visualization for users to discover 1.) emerging topics, 2.) relevant research, and 3.) new colleagues.

Developers: Tom Narock, Sarah Hasnain, and Ronie Stephan

Note: If you receive a 504 error while using this tool, please contact

3rd Place: AGU Network

AGU Network is a web-based interactive network showing how the different works presented during the AGU fall meetings are related to each other.

Developer: Gerry B. Rizzo